Tune-Up Your Auto Insurance Policy

It’s always a good idea keep your auto insurance as current and up-to-date as possible. If you’ve had your insurance policy for two years or longer, then it’s time to search around to see if there are any cheaper rates for the same coverage you currently have. A lot of people stick with the same […]

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Benefits of a Diesel Car Over Petrol

If you happen to be in the market for a new car, one thing you may not have considered is what type of engine you want for your vehicle. Typically, passenger cars use regular petrol as their fuel, but more and more manufacturers are offering models with diesel engines. While you may associate diesel with […]

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Recovery Point. What is it and what is it for?

When people hear the word ‘recovery point’ they may immediately think about something related to computers, i.e. getting an operating system back to where it was before the system crashed. Having that happen is bad enough, but what’s being referred to here are factory-fitted or aftermarket purpose-built points that are chassis-mounted and designed for the […]

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Motorcycle Tires for Sale

When it comes to the tires that you put on your bike, they have to be high quality, provide the right traction and tread and get the most from the ride. When you do not have high quality tires on your motorcycle, then anything is bound to happen. You want to avoid any of those […]

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self-driving car

Is that true? Porsche has no plans to create a self-driving car

After releasing the world’s most fascinating concept cars, Porsche mentioned in a recent report that they’re not interested in manufacturing self-driving vehicles. Better yet, they strongly believe that self-driving cars don’t stand a chance. Oliver Blume, CEO at Porsche, talked about the technology. He said that Porsche is not thinking of manufacturing or developing selfless […]

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Help, I’ve Got Too Many Cars!

While this may not seem like a bad problem to have, it can indeed lead to issues when you have more vehicle than you planned on having are running out of ways to keep them all in good shape. Generally, the main problem people have comes with storing their cars, as most are only designed […]

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What to look for when buying a used WAV

WAVs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) means that even if you are disabled and have no use of your legs, you can still find yourself able to drive around in a car. They are designed so that those who are in need of such vehicles can still lead the best quality of life possible to them. This […]

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volkswagen taigun

Volkswagen will not build the Taigun

Volkswagen has been rambling with the idea of bringing conceptual subcompact crossover Taigun into production; presented in 2012 at the Salon de Sao Paulo , it would serve as a complement in the form of the everlasting CrossFox . However, the brand has just announced officially that do not take the concept to the production […]

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