Motocross Gear – The Essential Shopping Guide

Motocross Gear

So you have decided to test your skills and luck on the open trails and blaze through the great outdoors on your trusty metal steed? Congratulations, you are in for one hell of a ride, and dare we say, an adventure of a lifetime. Moto crossing is arguably one of the most exhilarating sports you can try, taking you through breathtaking natural sceneries, with a dash of adrenaline to make you feel truly alive.

However, the main ingredient in feeling alive, is to stay alive throughout all of your outdoor ventures. That is why obtaining the best motocross gear that will keep you out of harm’s way and even save your life if need be, is of the utmost importance. Here is the essential shopping guide that will help you safely start an adventure of a lifetime.

Motocross Gear

The helmet, your guardian angel

There is no question about it, without a sturdy helmet to protect that shining dome of yours, you are not to touch the throttle. The helmet is your most vital piece of equipment that not only looks cool, but serves the purpose of preventing your noggin from force impacts.

Don’t be fooled, the head acts much like a ripe watermelon when it hits a solid surface at speed, so make sure your helmet is specifically designed for motocross ventures, with a longer chin and cheek guard to protect from debris, complemented by good venting holes. The helmet must also have a sun visor and a space to secure your goggles.

Motocross Gear

Quality goggles

Speaking of goggles, they are imperative in providing adequate eye protection at all times, either from the glaring sun, or debris flying around while you’re riding. In case of an accident, they will save you from injuring your eyes. Goggles will also allow you to navigate the track easier, as they are equipped with anti-fog lenses and even ventilation.

Be sure to compare your helmet designed with your preferred goggles before making a purchase, in order to ensure they are a good fit. If you plan to ride on muddy terrains, be sure to obtain goggles with tear-offs or roll-offs to quickly get rid of the mud without sacrificing safety or speed.

Durable and distinctive threads

While helmets, goggles, guards, etc. are the most popular equipment pieces people are interested in, beginners usually don’t pay enough attention to motocross clothes. Every piece of clothing is specifically designed to safeguard you from impact and prevent injury, and jerseys, pants, jackets, vests, and even socks, are no different.

Along with functionality, motocross clothing also comes in a variety of looks and color patterns, with distinctive Troy Lee designs being among the most popular and durable options. The materials, colors, constructions, and styles available on the market are numerous, with every design tailored to fit a certain riding style. So make sure you choose your riding apparel carefully, and stay true to your aesthetic taste without sacrificing safety.

Sturdy joint guards

Other important elements that should enjoy top priority on your gear haul list are the shin, elbow, and knee guards. While the shins are usually already covered and protected by the boots (more on that in a moment) the knees and elbows remain unprotected.

You would be wise to invest in sturdy elbow pads to complement the padding on your jacket, while knee pads can be upgraded to knee braces that will prevent the knee joint from twisting and turning in case of a nasty fall. Complement your joint protection gear with proper bail-out strategies, learn how to soften a fall the right way, and you will have no problem preventing serious injuries.

Proper boots for traction and control

Finally, the boots you wear can make all the difference in how you control the bike, execute sharp turns, and maintain speed. A durable pair of boots will protect your feet, ankles, shins and calves from impact, sharp objects, and flying debris.

Quality boots are made of tough leather, complemented with heel guards, and boasting steel soles for added protection, control, and traction. You can easily make sharp turns with the aid of the steel foundation on your boots, all the while keeping your feet protected from impact.

Motocross is one of the most thrilling and adventurous sports in the world that enjoys an ever-growing popularity among people of all ages. Before you mount your metal steed in search of adrenaline and adventure, be sure to carefully select your protective gear in order to enjoy the benefits of the sport for decades to come.