5 Most Common Car Body Wear and Tears and How to Address Them


Nobody plans to crash their car, but you can never predict how other drivers will behave. There are annoying drivers who get so close to your back end that even a small tap on the brakes could result in an accident. Other drivers insist on driving over dangerous crossroads without paying any attention to the stop sign, and some people can’t resist breaking the speed limit. Fortunately, most car accidents are relatively harmless and only result in minor damages that can be repaired with ease.

The best panel beaters in Osbourne Park can often fix cars by the road, and they’ll be happy to offer free quotes when capable. If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to have the cost of the repairs payed for by your insurer, but the compulsory excess often outweighs the total cost of the repairs. If you’re lucky, the driver who caused the accident will offer to pay for repairs, but you may be left to cover the costs yourself if the driver denied responsibility or didn’t stick around to own up to their mistake. That’s why it’s vital to find a panel beater who will offer a fair price without compromising on quality.

Bumper repairs in Perth by K&W Panel Beaters are both affordable and carried out to a high quality, and it’s an example of a company that has the latest tools and professional employees that can have your car restored in a short timeframe. Below, this article will take a look at the five most commonly damaged car parts.

The 5 Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts

Fortunately, the following damages are usually easy to repair, meaning you can get your car back on the road in no time:

  • Front bumper – Bumpers are the most commonly damaged car part because they’re usually the first thing to hit another object. They’re designed to hold up against low-speed impacts but usually sustain damage when hit at normal speeds.
  • Headlights – If the bumper fails to provide enough protection in a crash, the headlights are usually the next thing to sustain damage.
  • Fender – This car part is usually damaged as a result of side-end collisions, but it can also sustain damage when drivers attempt to squeeze through tight spaces.
  • Grille – Grilles are located very close to the headlights and consequently, they often sustain damage when cars crash into an object in front.
  • Wheels – Similar to fenders, wheels are often damaged in side-end collisions, but they also sustain damage as a result of the driver speeding over potholes and debris in the road.

Restoring Your Car to It’s Former Condition

While car accidents are incredibly annoying, it’s often relatively easy to have damages repaired if you choose a company you can trust. Just make sure the company you choose doesn’t sacrifice high quality for cheap prices.