Toyota in New York presents its most efficient hybrid car

hybrid car

The New York International Auto Show has not fame Detroit, Geneva and Los Angeles. But always holds surprises. The annual event in the city of skyscrapers was the venue chosen in the past for the return of the Ford GT.

This issue did not need to be different. The Japanese automaker Toyota introduced its most efficient car, the Prius plug -in hybrid Prime. And he did just a week after Tesla enter the low – cost model of its electric sedan.

The invitation to the press put the bar high, anticipating what he called “the next mechanical marvel” in the Prius family. Totoya also comes in January to update the base of the hybrid model, so should be a new variant.

Photo prior to the presentation, in fact, already showed a completely different design from the back, to make a clear visual distinction between the two versions that will run on the road.

Then he saw during the event that the style of the nose takes some provided details of Mirai, without affecting their character. So the question in the suspense was rather know what was going to hide under the hood wit, given that Toyota was always reluctant to go for the all electric.

The Prius plug-in hybrid now has only a range of 18 kilometers when you pull one battery. The new version Prius Prime doubles that performance.

It is in principle sufficient performance to go to work and go home without using the combustion engine. The vehicle can reach 135 kilometers speed running exclusively with the battery, which in this version is more compact, allowing in turn reduce vehicle weight and the time needed to recharge. The car can be plugged into any outlet at home, without the need for additional modules.

The car uses the latest technology from Toyota, for that distinctive Prime. The maximum charging time is five and a half hours from a conventional plug. Autonomy combined with the hybrid drive mode exceeds 960 kilometers on a single tank of gasoline.

The engine is 1.8-liter four-cylinder. The intention of the Japanese car manufacturer is to create a compelling enough for someone who has not raised even buy a hybrid.

Tesla prefers always ride your own show for these occasions. The March 31 is the date chosen by Elon Musk to introduce the Model 3, which is introduced only six months after its electric SUV Model X. The Californian manufacturer and became the great disrupter of the automotive industry. Now he wants to bring that revolution of the luxury market to mass with a cheaper version of its sedan Model S.