The sale of electric cars grows 175% by subsidies

electric cars

In the first quarter of the year more than 1,000 enrolled electric vehicles (1,055) in Spain. It is a modest but also historical figure. Never before they had sold so many plug, 175% more than in the first three months of last year.

Two factors explain the turning point: the fleet market is betting on electric vehicles, whose sales are driven by the Movea Plan that the government approved last November with a budget of 16.6 million euros and, according sources Anfac, could run out next May. “We need continuity, ” said the same.

If sales of electric vehicles gains momentum, the –combinan hybrid electric and electrical heat engines engines continue to grow by leaps and bounds. During the first quarter they grew by 54.4%, but with a figure that increased six-fold that of pure electric: 6,385.

The Nissan Leaf electric vehicle is the best-selling so far this year (198), followed by the Mitsubishi Outlander plug (126). The Toyota Auris, of which 3,031 units were sold, was the most registered hybrid vehicle.

From Anfac said the boom of electric vehicles is explained by the commitment being made by companies to create their vehicle fleets. Endesa has announced today the incorproacion of 18 electric vehicles in six of its headquarters and plans to include ten more this year.

According to the interpretation of Anfac, companies are taking advantage of state aid for the purchase but also tax deductions for companies that offer an electric vehicle to its employees as a payment in kind.

Francesc Corbero, director of communications for Nissan in Spain, which accounts for half of the power in Spain, highlights the Movea plan as a major driver of the electric vehicle and ensures that the particular buyer is driving sales. But also it notes that to consolidate that sales growth is still necessary to give a permanent character to Movele Plan and to stop relying on closed budgets.

In a meeting with the sector last March, the Ministry of Industry signaled its intention to enable a plan of aid for the purchase of electric vehicles –ya electrica– enabling infrastructure with a horizon of four years.

The problem for the sector is that the proposal comes from a caretaker government in a time when aid threaten exhaustion, which can influence future sales increases.

Movea Plan currently contemplates aid for the purchase of electric cars ranging between 2,700 and 5,500 euros, depending on the autonomy of each model. Those who can travel between 15 and 40 kilometers (most of plug-in hybrids) benefit 2,700 euros aid. Those who have up to 90 km of autonomy can enter up to 3,700 euros and from there the savings can reach 5,500 euros.